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Should you tan before your boudoir shoot?

November 5, 2023

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Blonde leaning agains a mirror showcasing her butt which has tan lines

One of the most common questions we get is whether or not to tan before a boudoir shoot. Our answer is simple: don’t tan!

Here’s why:

  • Fake tans can look orange in camera. Even the best spray tans and tanning lotions can cause wacky skin tones when photographed. And have you seen the extra residue patches on hands, feet, and elbows? Unless you want to look like a cast member of Willy Wonka, we say skip the fake tans.
  • Fake tans can stain our furniture and lingerie. We’ve had issues in the past where women who get spray tans too close to their session end up staining our furniture and lingerie in the Client Wardrobe. Those stains don’t come out!
  • Your natural skin tone will look more natural and beautiful in your photos. You may be tempted to get a tan to look like a bronzed beauty for your shoot, but in reality, your “pasty skin” will look much more natural and beautiful without the fake tan.

We have really nice lighting in the studio, and we can give you a nice natural glow with our tried and true methods. We would rather add a little “warmth” to your images than potentially have to reschedule your session because your skin tone was off.

Trust us on this one: your natural skin tone is beautiful, and you’ll look amazing in your boudoir photos.

If you’re worried about looking too pale in your photos, don’t worry – we can give you a natural glow without the need for fake tan. We’d rather take the time to get your skin tone right than have to reschedule your shoot.

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