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The one where he starts a blog…

May 10, 2024

Hello, friends!

Enjoy our ramblings, latest lingerie finds, and most importantly - love from our clients and their stories

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The One Where He Starts a Blog

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From Struggle to Empowerment

Now I know what you’re all thinking…”we need to hear Justin talking more”. Ok, so maybe it’s more like the complete opposite, however I’m starting something new. I enjoy writing, and realize that for me it’s a way to get all the immense amount of shit floating around in my head out. I have at least 10x a day where I have a thought and it immediately finds its way into the notes section on my phone. I think maybe there’s something that’s almost therapeutic about this for me. With that being said I’m starting a blog. Yes just like the glorious year of 2003 when “Staceys Mom” was the top song in the country and Myspace was going hard in the paint, Im bringing it back (Not Myspace, although I’m down if anyone has Tom’s number and can make it happen). 

There’s a few things to note here, my grammar, punctuation, and general sentence structure are shit. I was a solid C and D student my entire life so this shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone, I also cuss like a pissed off teenager and it just is what it is. If you’ve followed us for any period of time then you know this to be true and either tune me out or tune in to hear some new weird iteration of the word fuck as it’s my favorite word. Something I do struggle with is staying on topic and I’m hoping that through writing I can make my thoughts a little clearer and maybe actually land the plane for once. 

The goal for now is 4-5 of these a week. That may be a lot and a little more ambitious than I’m capable of however the most popular blogs will be turned into podcast topics and that in itself is enough to get excited about this. You can look for the format of all of these to be similar to how this is posted. I will post the first paragraph or so with the link for the rest on the website. I know this may not be as optimal for viewing however this will be a tremendous help for our website and the website SEO (Search Engine Optimization), not that anyone wouldn’t know what that meant but I didn’t until I married a computer nerd. In a nutshell, the more clicks we get on the website the higher Google ranks us. Every time you visit our website it helps our business and we appreciate you, plus if you’re just generally curious you’ll be able to see all of the other posts in one place. 

Topics, like my mind, will be all over the place, I’m going to share lessons that I’ve learned from clients, motivational content, roadmaps to help improve the things you want to improve and honestly anything that comes into my head. I believe 100% that this will be a positive venture that keeps me focused, helps me create better content and if it helps even just one person than it’s worth it. 

I may and very likely will say something that you will disagree with and that’s ok, I encourage dialogue and my inbox is always open. I love hearing and experiencing different perspectives so as Rachel says, “I’m here for it”. When I make these posts feel free to have a discussion and talk in the comment section on FB. 

Justin, owner of Elevation Boudoir, Tuscaloosa AL, in his true natural element.


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