rewrite your narrative

rewrite your narrative

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WE are
Justin & Rachel

She soothes your nerves, he captures your fire. Rachel & Justin, your dynamic duo, guide you on a journey of self-discovery through laughter, pampering, and unforgettable boudoir adventure.

Show up for yourself with creative expression and sexual awakening while embracing change.


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The Experience of your life.

Beneath the laughter and hairspray haze, amidst whispers of encouragement and triumphant gasps of images from behind the camera, there it blooms: the radiant realization that you can do anything now. That's the alchemy we witness, the joy we share, the purpose that fuels our fire. We're not just photographers; we're confidantes who guide you on a transformative journey enriched with the therapeutic impact that lasts a lifetime.

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“When they showed me my images,
I had no words.."

The absolute best experience I could have imagined. Rachel and Justin are phenomenal and absolutely amazing at what they do. I have never had a session so organized and planned out so perfectly. On top of the amazing experience, my pictures turned out absolutely perfect. When they showed me my images, I had no words. If you’re thinking about booking the session, book it!!!!

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Let’S TELl Great STories

Tired of feeling like a supporting character in your own life? Let's rewrite your narrative, because your life is no B-movie, it's a boudoir blockbuster waiting to be filmed. Think of us as the sassy scriptwriters for your personal transformation story.