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The Amber

Our latest bonus set

Step into The Amber Alcove, where each detail speaks of sophistication and style. The leather couch, a testament to opulence, invites you to make it your throne. The floor-length black Art Deco mirror, adorned in cream and gold, whispers tales of timeless allure. Tungsten Edison bulbs cast a warm embrace, creating an intimate atmosphere.

This is not just a photoshoot set; it's a canvas for your individuality. From the sparkling chandelier to the accents of wood and greenery, let The Amber Alcove be the backdrop for your unfiltered story. Revel in luxury; this is your moment.

Imagine this: the sound of spraying water, the tropical smell of coconut oil, the delicate touch of a white tank top clinging to your form, and the artful play of droplets tracing a captivating dance down your skin.

It's not just a photoshoot; it's a sensory retreat, capturing the essence of natural beauty in a symphony of water and light. A place where each image becomes a crystal-clear capture of your essence, reflecting the simplicity and purity of the experience.

"This set is not just about capturing images; it's about immersing yourself in a sensory experience, letting the water droplets become storytellers on your skin.."

The Shower Set

The Most REquested: 

Explore the world of sophistication with handcuffs, a meticulously crafted spreader bar, and swings, all adorned in the finest black leather and kissed by rose gold accents. This collection invites you to discover the provocative, seamlessly blending sophistication with a thrilling edge. Compatible with any lingerie choice, it beckons you to let your curiosity unfold, embracing a world where boundaries blur, and pleasure reigns supreme.

“Where luxury meets temptation in a dance of desire.”

The Bondage Set

The Spiciest: 

Step into the Neon Set, where luminescent hues and energetic vibes collide to create a dazzling experience. Enveloped in the glow of neon signs, you'll find a luxurious velvet couch inviting you to bask in the bright lights and soak in the vibrant atmosphere. Transport yourself to the heart of Tokyo with every sparkle and let the dynamic energy of this set elevate your photo session to new heights.

“Immerse yourself in the electric glow, where every pose becomes a dance under the dazzling neon lights.”

The Neon Set

The most Colorful



Tulle Gown


Wet Set


 angel Wings


How    Works


Initial Consultation

After you book, we reach out to go over all the session details, including payment and bonuses.

Bonus Selection

On the call, we will selection your Collection and bonus option. Bonuses are available with the Temptress and Up

Payment Plan

We keep 2 valid cards on file to set up your payment plan. Note our minimum investment is $1599 +tax and due by your session date. 


You can also add additional bonuses to your session for $100 each.

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